Safeguard Your Personal Belongings with Renters Insurance in Portland, Oregon

Partner with us to make sure your personal belongings in your rented property get the protection they need, with the help of our affordable renter insurance plans.

Renters Insurance in Portland, Oregon

Whether you are shopping for rented properties or you’ve just recently moved into a rented house, you need to make sure you have the right coverage and protection in place in case of an unanticipated emergency. Your landlord’s insurance policy will only cover losses to the actual dwelling. Thus, it is essential to get renters insurance in Portland, Oregon, to safeguard your personal belongings within your rented accommodation.

Why Get Renters Insurance?

In case of emergencies such as theft, fire, or damage, renters insurance will protect your personal belongings. It also offers liability coverage in case of an accident, injury, or damage caused in your home due to negligence. The policy may even cover additional living expenses in the event of your home becoming uninhabitable after a covered peril. 

What Does Portland Renters Insurance Coverage Include?

Our Portland renters insurance includes:

Personal Property
Renter’s insurance coverage safeguards you and your personal belongings in case of unforeseen events like fire or lightning, theft, water damage, vandalism, windstorm, hail, damage caused by vehicles or aircraft, riots, and more. 

Commonly covered belongings under renters insurance include furniture, clothing, electronics and appliances, and jewelry, amongst other items. You might think it’s not much, but all your belongings can collectively add up to a lot. Do note that a standard renter’s insurance policy will not cover the loss of items due to floods or earthquakes. You will need separate policies for protection against these hazards.

Liability Coverage
The policy entitles you coverage against property damage or bodily injury caused due to negligence. The insurance will provide protection if someone gets injured in your home and pay for damages or injuries caused by you, your pet, or your family to others. It also covers legal expenses and court judgments, up to the policy limit.  

Additional Living Expenses
If your home becomes uninhabitable due to an accident, a renter’s policy will cover the costs of living elsewhere while your home undergoes repair. The coverage can include hotel expenses, meals, and other such costs that may be incurred. 
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