Promise Your Family a Better Future with Life Insurance in Portland, Oregon

We protect your family’s financial future with the right life insurance policy that satisfies your needs.

Portland Life Insurance Coverage

You might not know what life has in store for you. Sudden setbacks such as injury, illness, disability, or death can leave your family and dependants facing financial losses. Hence, it is essential to buy life insurance in Portland, Oregon, to secure your family’s financial future.

From covering funeral expenses to mortgage payments, our life insurance policy ensures that your family will be looked after when you are no longer there to provide. With various insurance policies to select from, our insurance experts will work with you to find the best coverage that meets your specific needs.

The Significance of Life Insurance

This policy is indispensable as it provides financial support to your family after your death. It ensures a constant source of income after your retirement or when your earnings are reduced due to an accident or illness and pays your debts after your demise.
Undoubtedly, having life insurance coverage will protect your loved ones from financial hardships in the event of unexpected tragedies.

How Does Life Insurance Work?

Our life insurance policy offers:

    • Funeral expenses
    • Living expenses
    • A portion of lost income
    • Retirement planning
    • Business continuation (covers employees’ wages and business running costs if you die unexpectedly)
    • Death benefit

Types of Life Insurance Policies Offered By Us

Term Life Insurance
It provides coverage for a specific period ranging anywhere between 10 to 30 years. A death benefit will be paid if the insured dies during the period specified in the policy while the policy is active. We offer two types of term life solutions, namely:

  • Level Term – The benefit will remain the same throughout the policy’s term.
  • Decreasing Term – The benefit will gradually decrease every year of the policy’s term.

Whole Life Insurance
It provides life-long coverage and guaranteed death benefits. Additionally, it has an investment component known as cash value. You can withdraw or borrow against the policy’s cash value during an emergency. However, any outstanding debts against the cash value will reduce your death benefit.
We offer:

  • Ordinary Life Policies – With constant death benefit and premiums.
  • Adjustable or Universal Policies – Where death benefit and premiums are adjusted depending on your financial situation.

Variable Life Insurance
It comes with a cash value, which can be invested in stocks and bonds for further increase. If your stocks and bonds do not perform well, the cash value may drop, but it will never fall below a minimum amount.

Are you searching for life insurance near you? Contact our experts at Action Insurance Group. We will assist you with all your coverage needs.