Protect Your Business from Lawsuits with General Liability Insurance in Portland, Oregon

We offer unparalleled general liability insurance coverage to protect your business against third-party claims.

General Liability Insurance Coverage

As a business owner, you may be legally responsible if someone is injured or their property is damaged either at your business premises or because of your business operations. Dealing with those third-party claims without general liability insurance can be difficult, especially if you are running a small business. Our general liability insurance in Portland, Oregon protects your company against liability claims of property damage and bodily injury, covering associated medical costs, legal expenses, and eventual settlements.

Why Buy General Liability Insurance?

Buying general liability insurance is indispensable, as it covers all the risks faced by your business, such as damage or injury caused by your products, operations, or on your business premises. This policy is also mandatory when your clients have liability insurance requirements written into contracts, meaning you may need liability coverage if you want to sign a deal or contract with such clients.

Undeniably, having general liability insurance coverage will help you handle the claims easily and stay focused on your business.

General liability insurance can be considered by businesses that:

  • Use third-party locations or office space
  • Handle client property
  • Rent or lease business space
  • Sell products to customers
  • Interact with clients face-to-face
  • Have an area that is open to the public

What Do We Offer?

Our Portland general liability insurance includes the following coverage options:

  • Physical Injury and Property Damage Coverage

It covers third-party’s medical bills, repair expenses, and legal defense and settlement costs if they suffer a physical injury or their property is damaged.

  • Products-Completed Operations Coverage

General liability insurance can be extended further to cover the products and services offered by your business. It covers an injury or damage caused by your product or service, paying for damages and legal expenses up to your policy’s limit.

  • Personal Injury Coverage

It protects your business against claims of libel, slander, false arrest, violating another person’s privacy rights, using another person’s advertising idea, and wrongful eviction.

If you are searching for general liability insurance near you, contact our insurance experts at Action Insurance Group. We ensure you have the right liability insurance policy tailored to your company’s unique needs.