Why Did My Home Insurance Go Up At Renewal Time?

Understand The Increase in Home Insurance Rates


You have home insurance in Vancouver, WA but you hope you never have to use it. If it’s coming up to renewal time, you may be taking the time to review your policy and latest offerings. Suddenly, you see that your premium has increased. Confused? Take a look at why your insurance can increase around renewal time.


You’ve remodeled your property. Think back to this past year. Have you made any changes to the property? Remodeled the kitchen or upgraded the bathroom? Even minor changes around the house can add value to your property, meaning that you need more coverage than you previously had. Impacting your property’s rebuild value means that your premium can change.


You’ve filed a claim. Did you file a claim in the past year? If so, your insurers may raise your premiums. Many insurers reward their claim-free clients, and so filing a claim will remove that discount. As a result, your premium will increase.


Trends should you have a higher risk of filing a claim. Insurers used advanced analytics to understand a homeowner’s risk of filing a claim and, in turn, determine premiums. If there have been a number of reported burglaries or vandals in your area, then you could see your home insurance premium increase.


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