Potential Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Oregon

Finding an auto insurance rate that aligns with your budget can be stressful at times. There are various factors insurers look at when calculating premiums. Sometimes your premiums may rise based on something that’s out of your control. This may cause you to reduce your current coverage or consider canceling your policy.

However, driving without auto insurance in the state of Oregon could lead to severe legal and financial complications. You are legally required to purchase a minimum level of auto insurance to operate your vehicle. Driving without insurance also leaves you financially vulnerable if your car is stolen or damaged. You would be financially responsible for whatever the consequences are. Here’s a look at why driving without insurance is not ideal.

  • Minimum Coverage

    Oregon law requires drivers to obtain basic liability coverage. Minimum liability coverage generally includes bodily injury, personal injury, property damage protection, and uninsured motorist coverage. These types of coverages protect you if your car is responsible for injuring someone or damaging their property. Be aware that you’ll likely be required to carry stronger liability coverage if you have a serious driving offense on your record.

  • Potential Penalties for Driving Without Auto Insurance

    1. Suspensions

      Driving without insurance may lead to your driver’s license being suspended for close to a year. Your driving rights may be suspended indefinitely until you obtain auto insurance. There’s also a chance that your registration will be suspended and your vehicle will become impounded.

    2. Fines

      There’s a chance you’ll be responsible for paying a large fine, with the exact amount subject to the court’s guidelines. If a case doesn’t reach the court, the fine may be set at the minimum value.

    3. SR-22 Form

      If your driver’s license is suspended, you’ll likely be required to purchase an SR-22 form to show proof of insurance. An SR-22 form is generally valid for three years, and insurance companies file these forms as a reference point for high-risk drivers.

    4. Financial Consequences

      If you are responsible for causing an accident, you may be sued by the injured party. You will be forced to cover all of the damages out of pocket, which could lead to debt.

    5. Fees

      There are also potential fees to consider. Some of the different situations that require fees include license reinstatement, filing SR-22 forms, insurance verification, license reinstatement, and getting your vehicle out of impoundment.


  • Oregon’s Verification System

    Oregon uses a unique auto insurance verification system to scan the population and ensure that drivers have insurance. A random set of different drivers will receive a notice every month requiring them to provide valid insurance or face a fine. You could face legal issues if you receive the notice while driving without insurance. Failing to adhere to the notice within 30 days or providing misleading information could lead to your license being suspended.

  • Is Minimum Coverage Recommended?

    While you’ll need to obtain a minimum amount of coverage to legally operate your car, which may not be enough to protect you fully, it’s recommended that you assess your options while researching auto insurance in Portland. An insurance agent will work with you to determine the exact amount of auto coverage you need. Auto insurance policies have coverage limits that allow you to receive a claim payout. It’s recommended that you purchase enough to prevent a financial emergency.

Consult with Action Insurance Group

Driving without insurance should be avoided at all costs. Without even a small layer of protection, you’ll be forced to cover any damages out of your pocket. Contact our insurance experts at Action Insurance Group today if you are looking for auto insurance in Portland. We can assess your situation and work with you to find a suitable auto insurance plan for you.

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