Tips for Preventing Water Damage From Appliances

Prevent Water Damage from These Appliances in the Home

When it comes to preventing water damage, don’t overlook home appliances. The washing machine, dishwasher, and refrigerator are major culprits when it comes to water damage in the home. Most homeowners tend to let these appliances run for years without maintenance, which often results in a disaster. To prevent water damage, be aware of the condition of these common appliances, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, and keep these following tips in mind.

  • Washing Machines

Washers typically come standard with rubber water supply hoses. Over time, these hoses suffer wear and tear, often breaking and cracking without warning. Get into the habit of replacing the rubber washer supply hose every five years. For better protection, replace the rubber hoses with braided stainless steel supply lines.

  • Dishwasher

Unfortunately, the early signs of dishwasher leaks often occur at plumbing connections that are out of sight beneath or behind the unit. It’s a good idea to remove the front kick plate two or three times a year and look underneath the dishwasher to see if there are any signs of leaks.

  • Refrigerator

It may be unsuspecting, but fridges can be notorious for water damage in the home. The 1/4-inch plastic or copper water tube that supplies the icemaker with fresh water connects to the rear of the refrigerator. If the unit is too close to the wall, a plastic tube may be crushed, beginning to leak. If the fridge is placed too far away, the connection can be over-stressed, and the connection may leak or detach and flood the kitchen. Keep this in mind when moving your fridge location.

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