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Tag: Life insurance coverage


Is Denial the Final Word When It Comes to Life Insurance?

Many people believe that they have no other recourse if they apply for a life insurance policy and are denied. The fact is, in most cases, even if you are denied for one policy, you can still get life insurance. After your life insurance application is denied, you may be more limited in your choices, but coverage is often available

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A Practical Guide to Life Insurance Medical Exams

If you are considering purchasing life insurance, there are some things to know. First, your provider may request that you undergo a medical examination to show your health status. Your results will determine if you are low risk or high risk and will affect your premium rate. How Does a Life Insurance Medical Exam Work? There are three stages of

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What is the Best Age to Purchase Life Insurance?

The Optimum Age to Buy Life Insurance  The investment in life insurance is a big one. Unfortunately, many people don’t even begin to think about getting life insurance until they have a home, a family, and are financially planning. Buying this insurance at a young age is a wise decision to make, even if you don’t think you’re ready for

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