How to Organize Your Home for the New Year

Banish the Clutter and Simplify Your Lifestyle in 2018 

The New Year is finally here, and after all the festivities, it’s may seem hard to get back into the swing of things. The New Year offers the perfect opportunity to reflect back on the accomplishments of the last year and start making resolutions for the next. If you’re like many homeowners, a lot of those resolutions is going to be about fixing and improving your home. To help you get started, check out these organization tricks for the New Year and where to secure reliable homeowners insurance in Vancouver, WA.


  • Install a simple magnet strip along the inside of your medicine cabinet to hang scissors, nail clippers, and tweezers.
  • Purchase a plastic bin to store all of your bathroom accessories and store this underneath the bathroom sink.
  • Install hooks on the back of the bathroom door to hang towels and robes.


  • Organize your cabinets into categories such as plates, cutlery, glasses, and plastic containers.
  • Save your counter space for items you use daily. If possible, store your food processor, utensil holder, and mixing bowls in the cupboard.
  • Get in the habit of cleaning out your fridge before you go grocery shopping. This will help to keep items fresh and prevent you from buying unnecessary food.


  • Make sure everything in your house has a designated space and all family members know where everything goes.
  • Add a landing strip (a table by the front door) to store mail, keys, phones, and other bits and bobs that would otherwise clutter up kitchens and living rooms.
  • Place a basket on the coffee table to hold remote controls.
  • Create a family message board that goes in the kitchen to post reminders or a grocery list.

We wish the best of luck in organizing your home for the New Year! Visit Action Insurance Group for help securing your homeowners insurance needs for the New Year and beyond!

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