How Your Home’s Location Impacts Home Insurance Rates

Your Insurance Premium and Your Home’s Location


The premium of your home insurance in Vancouver, WA is made up of different factors. Insurers will look at your credit history, construction of your home, coverage you need, and many more variables. When an insurer is determining your insurance rate, they pay particular attention to your home’s location. Here’s why.


  • Theft and vandalism

If your home is located in an area with high crime rates, you will pay more for insurance because there is a higher chance of you filing a theft or vandalism claim. Crime rates are rarely uniform from one part of a city or town to another, and because elements of your homeowners policy protect you against theft, the greater the risk, the higher the premium. You can take proactive steps whenever possible in order to reduce the risks, such as adding a burglar alarm system and motion-sensor floodlights.


  • The chance of fire

Being close to a fire station could mean that you spend less on home insurance premiums. This can also be broken down into fire stations that are operated by a professional fire department and stations that are served by the volunteer fire department. The former fire department has an average response time of fewer than 5 minutes, while the latter has an average response time of 15 minutes. If there is a higher risk of your home being damaged in a fire while waiting for a fire engine, then you may pay more for home insurance.


  • The risk of flooding

Living in a home near any body of water could affect home insurance rates because of the risk of flooding. Flood damage is not typically covered by standard home insurance policies, so consider adding on a separate flood insurance policy.


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