Three Additional Home Coverages to Consider

Your home insurance in Vancouver, WA is meant to cover you when the worst happens. While it does do a good job of this, every policy has its limits. That’s why it’s important to consider securing home insurance endorsements that better protect your house, belongings, and wallet. Here are three endorsements all homeowners should consider.

Scheduled personal property endorsement

Although your standard home insurance protects your belongings, it does have limits. If you have items of high-value, such as jewelry, fine art, antiques, and more, you may find that you don’t have adequate insurance. A scheduled personal property endorsement “schedules” your high-end belongings, giving them the protection they need and deserve.

Sewer backup endorsement

All it takes is a clogged drain or a damaged sewer line to cause a backup into your home. If this does happen, you could be left with ruined belongings and a damaged foundation. Since sewer backup coverage is excluded from your home policy, it’s worth considering as an endorsement to protect your property against this damaging disaster.

Home business endorsement

Are you thinking of taking the leap of faith and starting your own business? If so, you may be working out of your home for a while. Be aware that your homeowners insurance policy won’t cover your business-related incidents. That means if a client injures themselves on your property or your business’s equipment is damaged in a peril, you will be responsible for associated expenses. With a home-based business endorsement, you have the protection you need to operate your business from home.

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