Try These Exercises at Your Desk

With more and more people working from home, we often find ourselves sitting at our desk from morning to night. Not sure how to separate work and life, we may end up working more hours and sitting with our computers for longer. Pair that with no co-workers to walk to lunch with or physical meetings to attend, we are sitting down more and more.

While sitting with perfect posture is tough work, sitting down for prolonged periods of time is dangerous for our health – both physical and mental. What’s more, doctors have found that a sedentary lifestyle can put you at risk for high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and obesity. With that said, it’s essential to take regular breaks and introduce stretching into your routine. Even a few minutes of standing and moving your muscles can help offset the effects of sitting down.

Exercises at Your Desk to Try

1. Shoulder shrugs

If your neck and shoulders stiffen up during the day, try doing some simple shoulder shrugs, which work the trapezius muscles of your back. While sitting upright, pull your abs in and turn your palms upwards. You should start to feel your shoulders roll back. Roll your shoulders backwards and forwards to release the tension across the top of your back.

2. Leg lifts

A good rule is to limit sitting time to no more than 30 minutes in one go. When that time is up, either stand up to do a task for two or three minutes or walk around the room. If you’re unable to get away from your desk during this time, then doing leg lifts could be a good alternative. Simply plant both feet firmly on the floor where you are sitting. Next, lift one leg out and up, tensing your thighs as you reach. Hold for 15 seconds then release your leg back down. Repeat with the next leg. Repeat for the next three minutes to get a good stretch in.

3. Torso twist

Give your back and spine a stretch by stretching out your torse. While sitting down at your desk, place your right hand over your left knee and look over your left shoulder. Hold this pose for around 30 seconds, breathing and remembering to lengthen through the spine. Breathe out and return to center. Repeat the action on the opposite side. It’s a great exercise to release any tension from your lower back and sides.

We hope that these tips help you stretch when working at your desk. At Action Insurance Group, we can help you find and secure affordable insurance for all your needs. Contact us today to get started.

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