Essential Car Maintenance Tips for Summer

Get Your Vehicle Summer Ready

When the temperatures rise and the sun comes out, many Americans take advantage of the perfect time to take a road trip. Summer is a great time to head out on the open roads and explore new destinations. If you have a summer road trip planned, you’ll want to be sure that your vehicle is up for the task. Along with checking your auto insurance in Vancouver, WA, take a look at these essential car maintenance tips for summer.

Maintenance work

The first thing you should do to prepare your vehicle for summer conditions is to have your car checked and fixed. If any of your systems are broken or are worn out, now is the time to get them repaired or replaced. You can prevent a lot of breakdowns by performing simple maintenance work.

Windshield wipers

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that there won’t be any rain. Prepare yourself for summer showers by taking a look at your windshield wipers. If they are separating or leaving streaks on the screen, it’s time to replace them.

Tire checks

Before a long road trip on hot roads, it’s important to test your tires. Check that they are all at the right air pressure – including the spare. If the tires have cracks or look like they are splitting, get a new set of wheels before heading out on the road.

Overheating prevention

Summer heat can cause your engine to overheat and cause a myriad of problems. Keep an eye on your car’s temperature gauge, and if it shoots up, pull over and wait for it to cool down. Never pour water onto your car’s engine to cool it down as this can cause more issues and damage.

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