Essential Car Maintenance Tasks for Spring

Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Spring Roads


Spring is here! The warmer temperatures and green grass are welcome changes from the winter snow and ice. Even so, the busy roads and long road trips can still make driving dangerous. In order to stay as safe as possible out on spring roads, you should tend to your car. As the temperatures rise and the days get longer, be sure to prepare your vehicle and auto insurance in Vancouver, WA for spring ahead.


Check the tires

When the exterior temperature rises, so does air tire pressure. For both safety and financial reasons, it’s essential to check your tire pressure often. It’s best to do this when the tires are cold because war, tires may give a false reading. If any tires are showing signs of wear and tear, it’s best to replace them before an accident occurs.


Test the battery

During the winter months, your car’s battery works twice as hear. From constantly changing temperatures to powering lights, the heater, and windscreen wipers more often, the battery is more likely to drain quickly. Take your car to your local auto shop and ask them to test the battery. If the battery is a couple of years old, you may need to replace it as soon as possible.


Look under the hood

Top up the fluids such as windscreen wiper fluid, antifreeze, brake fluid, and change the oil. If you aren’t sure on how to inspect under the hood, ask your local auto shop for help.


Clean it thoroughly

Nothing like some good old fashioned spring cleaning – and that applies to your car, too! Washing your vehicle after the winter helps to remove salt and mud, which can cause rust to form on the exterior of your vehicle. For both the life of your car and peace of mind, it pays to clean your car, especially after winter.


Finally, review your auto insurance to ensure that you have optimum coverage in place. Should the worst happen, you will need car coverage to get back on the road. Contact Action Insurance Group who can help you find reliable insurance for the right price.

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