Will My Renters Insurance Cover Laptops and Smartphones?

Renters insurance is quite similar to homeowners’ insurance. Where home insurance covers private properties and belongings, renters insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing your belongings, not the building.

Renters insurance in Portland and other cities comprises three basic insurance coverage forms. Personal property, liability, and additional living expenses. Personal property coverage protects your belongings from a covered risk. Since your laptop and cell phone is part of your belongings, it is covered by your renter’s insurance. However, first, you must understand how it works.

How Does Renters’ Insurance Personal Property Coverage Works?

The coverage typically covers items such as clothing, furniture, electronics, etc., from theft and fire or as per the perils stated in your policy. Choose a coverage limit, choose your deducible, and pay your premium to keep your policy active. There are two replacement methods for renters insurance in Portland and other states, replacement cost or actual cash value.

  • Actual Cash

    Actual cash value gives the cost of your property, excluding depreciation. The amount paid out to cover a loss also considers depreciation. If you purchased your laptop for $800 a few years ago, your policy would not pay $800 for damage. It will usually be lesser after calculating the depreciation. Therefore, the premium cost is lower. Most renters’ insurance plans are set at actual cash value.

  • Replacement Cost

    Replacement cost gives the exact cost of your property at a “now” price without including depreciation. The premium for this coverage type is higher, considering that the cost will be paid in “today’s dollar.” On the brighter side, you are financially protected in a better manner. Some of the best renters insurance coverage plans are set at replacement cost.

What Is the Coverage Limit on My Laptop?

How much coverage you have on your laptop depends on the personal property limit stated on your insurance. In other words, your laptop will get as much coverage as your policy can provide, as defined by your limit. The limit is the highest amount your policy pays to cover a stated risk when a claim is made.

For instance, if the limit on your renters’ insurance Portland is stated as $400. It means that your policy will cover any risk to your laptop up to $400.

Seeing that your laptop is not all that’s in your apartment, you should purchase enough insurance to cover all your belongings. For Oregon residents, you’ll first need to take an inventory of all your possessions and their estimated value to get the best renters insurance in Portland. That’s how you know how much insurance to buy.

How Much Coverage Does My Renters’ Insurance Provide for My Laptop?

The personal property coverage covers your belongings, including your laptop, from sudden perils such as theft, fire, etc., as stated in the policy. It will not cover the risks not stated in your policy, such as intentional damage or accident if they are. If you knowingly or unknowingly knock your laptop off the desk and it gets damaged, you’ll need to pay for its repair or replacement out of pocket. Also, if the laptop stops working, your insurance wouldn’t cover it. You’ll need to check the warranty and take it to the manufacturers for repair.

Living in our present age and time without your laptop or smartphone is a real challenge. Hence, you need to understand your insurance and the coverage it provides.

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