Common Situations Where Commercial Auto Insurance Does Not Cover Accidents

Commercial auto insurance is an asset if you rely on vehicles to help operate your business. However, there are some cases when your commercial policy may not protect you while you’re on the road. As you research commercial insurance in Vancouver, auto insurance policies help protect your business’ vehicles if they are damaged in an accident. However, you need to check with a commercial auto insurance agency to learn about possible exclusions. This can help you avoid scenarios when your claim is denied. Here are some common scenarios to consider.

  • Possible Exclusions

    Some exclusions depend on the circumstances that you are using the vehicle. If one of your employees drives a vehicle under the influence and causes a wreck, your business will not be covered. Other possible exclusions include any scenarios when your employee causes intentional damage or if they are committing an illegal act.

  • Personal Usage

    A commercial car insurance agency can inform you of the differences between using a vehicle for personal or professional use. Commercial policies do not cover leased vehicles or vehicles used for personal endeavors. If your employee uses their personal vehicle on the job, both the employee and your business are at risk of a potential liability dispute. You can add extra coverage to the commercial policy to financially protect your business under such situations.

    Hired or non-owned vehicles cover any vehicles used on the job that are not owned by the business. Remember that personal use of a commercial vehicle may be covered in some situations. Perhaps one of your employees used a work vehicle to run errands. Maybe you have permitted your employees to take their company cars home. Commercial auto insurance should protect you if any issues arise in these scenarios. Contact your insurer to learn more information about your coverage limits.

  • Things to Consider

    If you have full coverage, commercial auto insurance should protect your business if one of your commercial vehicles is stolen. Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicles against acts of vandalism, fire, and inclement weather. The coverage also protects your business against any damage caused to your commercial vehicles by your employees.

Commercial insurance is designed to protect your business at all times. Operating a vehicle comes with multiple risks, especially while conducting business. If you have any questions about commercial insurance in Vancouver, contact our team at Action Insurance Group. We can help you get commercial auto insurance coverage customized to suit your needs and budget

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