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Homeowners Insurance


A Guide to Homeowners Insurance in Portland, OR

Understanding your homeowners’ insurance policy can help ease any worries you might have regarding your policy and how it can handle property damage. With the changes in weather patterns in recent years, it’s normal to be concerned about how your policy can assist you in the case of natural disasters. You should review your needs with an insurance professional to

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6 Tips for Buying the Right Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a type of property insurance that covers losses and damages to an individual’s house and assets in the home. This policy usually covers interior damage, exterior damage, loss or damage of personal assets, and injury that arises while on the property. Homeowners insurance covers the cost to replace stolen, destroyed, or damaged assets on the residential property.

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Do I Need Special Insurance If I Own a Duplex in 2021?

Over the years, owning a duplex has become more common. Purchasing a duplex allows you to own your home and earn a little money on the side by renting out the other half of the home. While you own your home, you are also responsible for a rental property.  More than one type of policy is required. It would be

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How to Protect Your Property with the Right Homeowners Insurance

Once you have purchased a home, the next step is to protect yourself from unforeseen expenses by insuring your valuable house property. Choosing the right insurance can be a tedious process. At Action Insurance we want you to feel confident that you have selected the right homeowners insurance to protect your new home. We have created this homeowners insurance guide

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Top Homeowners Insurance Myths – Busted!

Most homeowners know what their homeowners insurance covers and when they can file a claim. Or do they? Surprisingly few homeowners actually take the time to read through their policy and review it regularly. This results in disappointment and financial hardship when they try to file a claim for something that is not covered in their policy. Take a look

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