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Is Commercial Insurance Necessary for a Delivery Service?

Many businesses are turning to delivery services as a result of current times. Offering delivery services allows your business to reach a new segment of customers. However, this does come with some risks. As part of your delivery service, you’ll need a fleet of vehicles to transport the items to your customers. You’ll need reliable coverage to protect you if

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Tips to Consider When Adding Your Teen to Your Auto Insurance Policy

When your teenager starts to drive, you can experience a lot of mixed emotions to go with all of the extra things you will need to be doing so they can drive legally. Typically, adding your teen to your auto insurance policy can increase your insurance rate by 130%. However, you can do several things to add a teenage driver

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Important Things to Do if You Hit an Animal with Your Car

It’s traumatizing when you are driving down the road and an animal darts out in front of you. You want to avoid it, but there are times when it is simply not possible. No matter how mindful you are of your surroundings, animals can sometimes come out of nowhere. If you are in an unfamiliar area, observe the speed limit

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Personal Vs. Commercial Auto Insurance: How Do They Differ?

When running a small business, it is sometimes hard to differentiate between items you use for work and items you use for personal use. If you use your personal car for business purposes, it can create problems when it comes to insuring the vehicle. At Action Insurance, we know how confusing auto insurance can be, so we have put together

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Busting the Common Myths About Car Insurance

You have probably decided to purchase an auto policy but perhaps have developed cold feet because of different myths about car insurance. At this point, you must have good knowledge of the factors that are related to your policy coverage and cost to separate the facts from the myths about car insurance. While there are different reasons why people don’t

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