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Auto Insurance


Personal Vs. Commercial Auto Insurance: How Do They Differ?

When running a small business, it is sometimes hard to differentiate between items you use for work and items you use for personal use. If you use your personal car for business purposes, it can create problems when it comes to insuring the vehicle. At Action Insurance, we know how confusing auto insurance can be, so we have put together

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Busting the Common Myths About Car Insurance

You have probably decided to purchase an auto policy but perhaps have developed cold feet because of different myths about car insurance. At this point, you must have good knowledge of the factors that are related to your policy coverage and cost to separate the facts from the myths about car insurance. While there are different reasons why people don’t

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Will Your Car Insurance Premiums Decrease as Your Car Gets Older?

Purchasing car insurance is mandatory in the US. It is a criminal offense to drive or own a vehicle without having insurance coverage. As your car gets older, it will decrease in value. This can lead you to wonder if your car insurance costs will also decrease with the age of your vehicle. There are different reasons why your premium

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How Will Your Insurance Companies Know If You’ve Been in an Accident?

You are driving on the road, and you are in a collision with another vehicle. Your insurer pays out your car insurance accident claim, and you repair the damages on your car. A few months later, you switch insurers, but the claims paid by your previous insurer is used as a yardstick to raise your premium. How did your new

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Can Motorcycle Burn Injuries be Claimed?

Motorcycles are fun and exciting until you get hurt. Not all injuries are caused by accidents, however. A motorcycle exhaust burn can be extremely painful. Passengers who are unfamiliar with how hot the exhaust pipe gets or where it is located on the bike can end up receiving a pretty severe burn. Severe burns require medical attention that can be

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