How You Can Give Back During Giving Season

Help others in your community by giving a little back this holiday season.

‘Tis the season of festivities, gifts, and spending quality time with loved ones. While most of us get lost in the holidays, it’s important to remember what the season is all about. While giving back to the community should be a priority year-round, the month of December opens up a whole load of possibilities to give back. Giving back or volunteering in some way is a great chance to get into the holiday spirit. After all, this time of year is about giving, and the joy it can bring to others as well as yourself!

Donate toys to children in need.

There are some wonderful programs out there that support children in need to which you can donate toys. If you choose not to get involved, take some fun toys to your local hospital and donate them to the kids ward. There’s nothing quite like surprising children with toys during the holidays!

Send holiday cards to members of the armed forces.

While many of us spend the holidays with our families close to us, members of our armed forces may not be so lucky. Many military members will be deployed abroad, spending their holidays in a foreign country. You can create cards to send thanks, encouragement, and holiday cheer.

Volunteer your time.

Many of us want to donate our time to a good cause, but have no idea what opportunities are available to us and don’t even know where to start looking. The first step is to find a cause you care about. Whether you want to volunteer your time at an animal shelter, children’s hospital, or senior center, there are opportunities for everyone! Volunteer Match is a great resource to help you find causes that are a good fit for you.

How are you giving back this season? Let us know! For all of your insurance needs in Vancouver, WA, contact Action Insurance Group today.

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