Common Renters Insurance Exclusions


Renters insurance is designed to cover the belongings in your apartment or condo in case of damage or theft. However, just like any other insurance policy, there are some limits associated with coverage. Every renters insurance will have its limits and its list of exclusions, so it’s important to be aware of both before you secure coverage. Knowing what is not covered can help you understand where gaps in coverage are and how to fill them in so you’re entirely protected. Take a look at the common things a standard renters insurance policy will not be covered.


  • Floods and earthquakes

Renters insurance covers property damage caused by some weather such as hail, lightning, and wind. However, mass-destruction events are not covered, such as floods and earthquakes. If you live in a flood zone or the area you live frequently experiences earthquakes, you are able to purchase this coverage separately.


  • Your security deposit

You cannot turn to your renters insurance for help if your landlord takes from your security deposit upon your departure.


  • Bed bugs

Insects and other vermin are considered a standard home maintenance issue. In other words, unless you have a bed bug rider, it is your responsibility to keep or get those bugs out of the bed and the apartment.


  • Your roommate’s belongings

If you take out a renters insurance policy, remember that your belongings will be covered but your roommate’ss stuff will not. If he or she wants coverage, it’s best to take out their own insurance policy.


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