4 Frequent Misconceptions About Car Insurance

Avoid Falling Into These Common Myths About Auto Insurance

There are some widely-held beliefs about car insurance that could be hampering your search for the best deals – or even invalidating your policy. We sort the fact from the fiction. Take a look at these common myths about auto insurance in Vancouver, WA.

A red vehicle costs more to insure

Many people believe that because red cars stand out and, therefore, get caught in accidents and by police officers, meaning that they cost more to insure. While a number of factors are used to calculate the insurance premium, vehicle color isn’t one of them. An insurer will look at the car model, driving record, where you live, what you use your car for, as well as the coverage and deductible you choose.

A standard policy covers everything

A standard policy may not cover every risk that you are exposed to. Opting for the minimum required coverage, may not allow you to be fully protected on the road. Common riders that you should consider is uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, roadside assistance, and rental car coverage.

Thieves steal new cars most often

An older car may have fewer security features, which makes it easier to break into, and the thief can earn more money to sell an older car for parts. Keep in mind that theft is also a product of location. Keep a close eye on the safety of your vehicle, regardless of age.

A personal auto policy will cover me while operating my own car for business purposes

Your personal coverage is designed to provide coverage while you are driving for leisure, personal reasons, or when you are commuting to and from work. If you operate your vehicle for business purposes, then you may need to purchase separate commercial auto insurance.

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