3 Things That Can Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

When purchasing new auto insurance in Vancouver, WA, you will be asked a series of questions, ranging from your vehicle to your location to your driving history. Insurers will look at your profile when determining how much you should pay every month. Take a look at just some of the most important factors that influence the price you pay for coverage.


What Impacts Your Car Insurance Premium

Car Type

Different types of car cost different amounts to insure. That’s because some cars have more safety features than others – which can help to prevent accidents or reduce damage if there is an accident. If you’re thinking about getting a different car, it’s helpful to call your insurance agent first to find out how that car model will impact your rates.


Zip Code

If you change location, your insurance premium might change too. That’s because different zip codes have different levels of risk. For example, if you move from a safe neighborhood to one that has a high rate of car theft and vandalism, you can expect your car insurance premiums to jump up.


Accidents and Violations

After an accident or moving violation, insurance rates sometimes increase. That can happen even if the accident is not the insured’s fault. If an accident does happen, always call the police so that you have an incident report to rely on and to prevent a scammer from trying to get cash out of you.


Should the worst happen, you will need car coverage to get back on the road. Contact Action Insurance Group who can help you find reliable insurance for the right price.

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