Auto Insurance Vancouver, WA


You never know what the road will throw your way; that’s why it’s important to have the proper insurance protections in place. However, with all the different options out there, it can be difficult to get your car the insurance coverage it needs. Luckily, the experts at Action Insurance Group understand your needs and can help you get the comprehensive coverage that your vehicle deserves. Our knowledgeable professionals can walk you through the different options and can help you choose the right coverage to address your personal risks. A standard auto policy will provide coverage for the damages or losses caused by an accident, theft, vandalism, or extreme weather event. We also offer additional coverages to ensure that you have all the protection you need.

Driving for Uber or Lyft? Need auto insurance in Vancouver, WA? We have answers for you. Our agents can help you navigate policies to protect you.

Property Insurance

This type of policy covers the cost of damages you might have caused to another party’s property during an accident.  Typically, this type of insurance covers the repair or replacement of another’s vehicle.  However, property insurance can also kick in if you caused damage to someone’s home, fence, lamppost, etc.

Liability Insurance

If you are found responsible for causing injury or property damage, then your liability insurance will come into effect.  This type of policy covers the cost of medical payments or property repairs of the affected party.  Liability insurance will also cover lawsuits or settlements that might pop up as a result of an accident.  Please keep in mind that this type of insurance will not cover the cost of your own injuries or damages.

Medical Payments Insurance

If you get into an accident, then medical payments insurance will cover your medical costs.  Additionally, this type of insurance will also extend coverage to your passengers.  Some of the covered costs include ambulance fees, hospital expenses, surgery costs, and even funeral expenses.

If you are interested in getting the comprehensive auto insurance in Vancouver, WA that you need, then contact the team at Action Insurance Group.  We are ready assist you with all your insurance needs!