Auto Insurance in Portland, Oregon – Keeping You and Your Car Safe

Life is uncertain, and so are the roads! With our comprehensive, affordable auto insurance plans, rest assured that you and your car will be taken care of while you’re on the road.

Portland Auto Insurance

Whether you are a new car owner or even if you are a pro driver, the first thing you must aim at is getting auto insurance. With the right auto insurance, you can rest assured that your car is protected, especially when you are out and about on the open road. Even if you are confident about your driving skills, you never know what the roads might throw your way! So it’s best to be prepared with the right auto insurance coverage to safeguard yourself from any mishaps or any unforeseen events. We will assist you with customized auto insurance in Portland, Oregon, which suits all your requirements and budget.

Why Do You Need Auto Insurance?

While you are driving on the road, no matter how good your driving skills are, there is always some risk involved, which should never be overlooked. An auto insurance coverage will give you and your car the protection it deserves from any unanticipated incident that might occur while driving. It will safeguard you from losses and damages caused by accidents, vandalism, theft, or even extreme weather conditions. Auto insurance will give you peace of mind every time you head out for a drive.

What Are the Coverages Included in Portland Auto Insurance?

Our Portland auto insurance includes:

Property Insurance
Property insurance policy will cover any damages or losses caused by you or anyone driving your car to someone else’s vehicle or property, such as someone’s fence, home, building, or a lamppost, and so on.

Liability Insurance
Liability insurance comes into action when you are held accountable for causing bodily injury or property damage to another party in the event of an accident. This type of coverage will safeguard you from all costs associated with medical payments or property repair of the other party, as well as from lawsuits and settlement costs that may arise.

Medical Payments Insurance
This policy coverage offers reimbursement for any medical expenses that may be incurred due to injuries caused to you and your passengers during an accident. It covers costs such as hospital expenses, ambulance fees, surgery costs, funeral costs, and more.

If you have been searching for auto insurance near me, our expert professionals at Action Insurance Group have the perfect coverage options for you. Get in touch with us for a quote.